ESA ELECHECK deficiencies/rental unit/housing sale/home inspection electrical deficiencies

If you have a rental unit or a conditional sale pending with a deficiency list from your local Electrical Safety Authority, call Trotter Electrical. We can correct and complete your deficiency list in a timely and efficient manner. We help our clients meet the required electrical standards in order for their rental units to start producing an income or allow the sale of their home.

COVID-19 Statement.

At Trotter Electrical we are doing our best to keep our clients and staff safe while we work. We are still conducting maintenance and electrical services for our clients while being diligent with our workforce. We are conducting personal hygiene inspections. We are keeping lines of communication open to make sure our customers and workforce are healthy and risk free. We are practicing social distancing by not working along side other trades and staggering our work efforts. Lastly we are tracking and monitoring our workforce activity on a daily basis to ensuring minimal person to person contact as possible. Please due your best to stay safe and healthy. Trotter Electrical would like to thank all the front line health workers who are risking their lives to keep the rest of us safe.