How To Change A Light Switch

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Electricity has become an integral part of life today. It is required to power up everything from lights to appliances. So the moment a component of your electrical system stops working, you tend to get worked up as you need to make an appointment with an electrician to get it fixed. This means that the issue may get resolved only the following day or after a week.

However, minor electrical issues don’t need to be put off for so long, as they can be sorted out by you. For example, changing a light bulb or even replacing a switch can quickly be done by you. Changing a light bulb is pretty straightforward, but when it comes to switches, there are a few more steps involved. To simplify the process, the professionals at Trotter Electrical have explained how to change a light switch.

1. Turn the power off
When you’re about to change a switch, ensure that you turn the power off. To do this, go to your breaker or fuse panel and turn off the power controlling the light switch.

2. Check the condition of the wires
Unscrew the switch from the box and pull the switch from the box to look at the condition of the wires. If they look charred, black, or discolored in any way, contact your local electrician.

3. Label your wires
Before removing your wires from the switch, label them. Take a picture after labeling the wires. This will help if you have to leave the task for a couple of minutes. After labeling and taking a picture, proceed to disconnect the switch from the wires.

4. Inspect the metal of the conductors
Check the metal conductors to see if they are marked up, cut or scored, or damaged. In case you notice any damage, then cut the metal off and strip the wires according to the strip gauge on the back of the device you are installing. If you are installing a dimmer switch, read the directions, and follow the appropriate steps for a single-pole switch or three-way.

5. Reattach the wires
After attaching the wires to the new device, screw it back into the box and check if it is secured. Turn the power back on and test your switch.

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