Five Tips On How To Install A Light Fixture

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If you want to install or replace a light fixture in your home, there’s no need to hire an electrician. With a little preparation and understanding of the process of installing a light fixture, you can complete this simple task easily and quickly. To ensure that you perform this correctly and safely, keeping a few tips and guidelines in mind before you start working on a fixture is important. To help you get this right, TROTTER ELECTRICAL has listed five tips on how to install a light fixture. 

Tip #1: Use the right ladder
Most people get a chair or stool that is the closest to them. You want this to be a safe experience so you can feel comfortable to do it again. Falling or slipping off a chair or dropping your new light would not be the experience you want. Grab a step ladder or even better a platform ladder. Ladders have trays and other handles/holes to hold your tools and fasteners so you can be hands-free. Safety is number one when working with electricity.

Tip #2: Work in pairs
Get a partner to help you with the light. They can hold your ladder, pass you the tools, and even take the weight off the wires when you are ready to hang the fixture. Additionally, working in pairs could make it a fun experience for you both.

Tip #3: Read the instructions
Do you like doing things twice? Reading the instructions and getting the “big picture” is part of putting something together. This will help you hang the light faster by making sure you don’t piece something together incorrectly. Imagine getting a fixture put together, hanging it, and realizing that the box cover was upside down or that you’re missing a bolt and pin in a ceiling fan. Not a pretty sight.

Tip #4: Use the appropriate tools for the right job
The instructions will tell you the tools you need. If it says a Philips head screwdriver and hammer, don’t use a butter knife and a rock. Read through the instructions carefully beforehand and keep all the tools ready.

Tip #5: Turn off the power
If you have no way to test the power, here is a tip. Turn the light on BEFORE you remove the old light, and go to your fuse/breaker panel and turn off the power to that area. If you get back to the room and the light is off, then you no longer have the power there. Confirm by trying the switch again. If you are still unsure, you can turn off the power to the whole house if needed.

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