Why You Shouldn’t DIY Electrical Work During A Home Renovation

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Whether you’re considering upgrading the comfort and enjoyment of your home or increasing the functionality and value of the place, a quick renovation is the easiest way to achieve these goals. However, as the price of materials and labor keeps on rising, renovating today can be very costly. To bring down their expenditure, you may consider handling your home renovations yourself. With the dawn of the internet and availability of instruction videos on YouTube, many aspects of a home renovation can be successfully DIYed.

Unfortunately, when it comes to technical tasks like wiring, taking the do it your self approach is a terrible idea. At Trotter Electrical, I’ve seen many cases where clients try to rework their wiring to suit their renovation needs by going through YouTube videos. Sadly, this strategy costs them 50% to 100% more because when they fail, they need to call in a professional to fix the problem that they created.

To paint you a clearer picture of what will go wrong when you handle electrical work without sufficient knowledge or skill, I have explained three reasons why you shouldn’t DIY electrical work during a home renovation.

1. Safety hazards
If you are unfamiliar with electrical work, all electrical components should be considered dangerous. This is because if you install receptacles of different amperages and lighting incorrectly, you could cause short circuits that could lead to electrocutions and fires.

2. High repair costs
When renovating your home, you may consider taking apart or eliminating electrical connections. But if you remove and reinstall your existing wiring yourself, you could cause more problems in the future. To fix these problems, you may incur large expenses, considering walls may have to be torn down or kitchen tiles removed and set once again.

3. Disorderly installations
Let’s say you remove a wall to make an open concept floor plan. In this case, electricals may need to be removed and reinstalled in another wall in the house. This usually includes one, two, three, or more circuits. Keeping track and understanding which wire powers what room or device is difficult when not removed with proper technique and organization. If you lose track of which wires belong to which outlet, you could end up with disorderly electrical installations.

Do things right - Hire a professional!

When it comes to installing, repairing, or replacing electrical systems in Ontario, as per State norms, homeowners must hire only licensed electricians. Once their job is completed, it must be inspected by the local safety authority to ensure that it is done accurately and will not cause hazards.

As electrical work involves dangerous components, there are specific guidelines to follow to avoid accidents, fires, and electrocutions. Understanding the Ontario Electrical Code (which is a law) is a skill all licensed electricians must-have. As a master electrician, Mike Trotter, the owner of Trotter Electrical, has developed the skills needed to handle various electrical jobs efficiently.

Through several years of experience, I have honed my skills as an electrician and can tell what a wire does by just looking at the type, size, or color of the wire. Similarly, I possess all the essential equipment which tells me what a specific wire powers or controls to verify my assumptions and avoid confusion and risks. Other strong skills I have include carpentry and an understanding of how structures are built. This allows me to determine how and where a wire should be inside a wall or the attic.

When you hire a licensed professional like me, you can rest assured knowing that your electrical project will be done correctly and not cause problems in the future. We will also help keep your costs lower as we only need to do our job once. Our service charges usually range between $70 to $100 per hour. The exact price will depend on the area of work and the type of professional you choose. Before you select an electrician, it’s best to shop around and get at least three quotes to determine who has the best rates for you.

For affordable commercial, industrial, and residential electrical services across Bowmanville, Toronto, Durham Region, Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland, GTA, and the surrounding areas, reach out to Trotter Electrical. With over ten years of experience, I have a vast array of knowledge, expertise, and commitment, which serves my customers well. Moreover, I am available to them when they need me, and I ensure their needs are met efficiently.

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